Professor Greg Whyte

“Environmental control including hypoxic (altitude) environments has become a fundamental element for training, preparation, acclimatisation and rehabilitation. The precise control of these environments is a complex but crucial task particularly when combining environments (i.e. Cold and altitude, heat and humidity) and multiple exercising individuals. Having commissioned Sporting Edge to build a chamber at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre whilst I was Director of Science and Research for the EIS, I know that sporting Edge provide the ultimate in environmental control facilities with the highest quality after sales care. If I were to build another environmental facility it would be the specialists at Sporting Edge that I turn to.”

Greg Whyte Sporting Edge Testimonials
Professor Greg Whyte PhD DSc FACSM FBASES
Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Science (RISES).
Liverpool John Moores University
Formally, Director of Research, British Olympic Medical Centre
Director of Science and Research, English Institute of Sport

OTE Nutrition Altitude Gym

“The concept of setting up an altitude training facility was something completely new to us as a business. From the outset the team at Sporting Edge gave us a great deal of advice and guidance about all aspects of altitude training, both from a technical aspect and the potential market for such a facility. The support hasn’t stopped on completion of the project and we continue to work closely together.”

Bisham Abbey Environmental Chamber

“The English Institute of Sport acquired a large extreme environmental chamber from Sporting Edge/TISS in 2006 and since then this chamber has been in use on a weekly – and often daily – basis. The chamber has consistently met the wide and varying range of demands placed upon it, producing many different combinations of temperature, humidity and simulated altitude, some of which have been quite extreme. The chamber continues to meet all of our requirements for performance improvement, rehabilitation and pre-acclimatisation and the support, service and advice we get from Sporting Edge is superb. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Sporting Edge to any user requiring a similar high performance facility.”

Jean Watson
Jean Watson
Operations Manager
English Institute of Sport
Bisham Abbey
National Sports Centre

The Third Space Altitude Gym

“One of the unique features of The Third Space gym is our Altitude Room and Sporting Edge have provided the equipment and service right from the start. Considering the constant use our system gets, the equipment has proven remarkably resilient, and the back up and service we get from Sporting Edge is always first class. I have only great things to say about the fantastic service we continue to receive from the Sporting Edge team.”

Matt Julian
Matt Julian
General Manager

Keri-anne Paynes’ Altitude Bedroom

“The bespoke altitude system that Sporting Edge built us is fantastic – we’ve constantly been impressed by their commitment, professionalism and determination, in providing us with a world leading facility. I’m looking forward to using Sporting Edge equipment in the next Olympic Cycle.”

Keri-Anne Payne Sporting Edge Testimonials
Keri-anne Payne
London 2012 Olympics 4th Place 10 km Open water
Double World Champion 10 km Open Water
Beijing 2008 Olympics Silver Medalist, 10 km Open Water

Lizzie Simmonds’ Cloud 9

“My Sporting Edge Cloud 9 is quiet and really simple to use – I’ve been using it for many months, and I find it comfortable and non-intrusive. In combination with my full time training programme, this simulated altitude system has helped me come back into fitness after the London 2012 Olympics, I plan to continue using it in the lead up to the World Championships and beyond.”

Liizzie Simmonds
Lizzie Simmonds
London 2012 Olympics 4th Place, 200m Backstroke
European Champion and Commonwealth Record Holder

Michael Jamieson’s Cloud 9

“I started using the Sporting Edge simulated altitude systems before the London 2012 Olympics and I came away with a silver medal. Since then, I have consistently used Sporting Edge equipment, and recently it really helped me to acclimatize quicker than ever to an altitude training camp, allowing me to train harder than ever in the mountains. I’m definitely going to keep using the equipment in preparations towards Rio 2016.”

Michael Jamieson Sporting Edge Testimonials
Michael Jamieson
London 2012 Olympic Silver Medallist 200m Breaststroke

Dr Glyn Howatson

“Sporting Edge has given us a professional, friendly and bespoke service. They have provided us with a system that functions well and if things do wrong they are very responsive and deal with any issues promptly. In my opinion they provide a good quality service at a competitive price that is coupled by good after-sales care that is second to no-one in the UK market.”

Dr Glyn Howatson
Dr Glyn Howatson PhD, ASCC, FHEA, FACSM
Laboratory Director, Associate Director – Research Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences,
School of Life Sciences, Northumbria University

Charles Pedlar, PhD

“We’ve enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Sporting Edge over a long period of time, enabling us to build, maintain and regularly upgrade a bespoke, state of the art, hypoxic training facility. This is used week-in, week-out for our athletes preparing for the Olympics, as well as for research purposes at The Centre for Health, Applied Sport and Exercise Science (CHASES). I would not hesitate in recommending Sporting Edge to athletes or sports science and medicine practitioners.”

Charlie Pedlar
Charles Pedlar, PhD
Academic Director
St Mary’s University College

Dr Barry Fudge

“Simulated Altitude Training was a very important part of our strategy leading in to the London Olympics and continues to be so as we move forward towards Rio 2016. The combination of altitude training and sleeping technologies create the optimal environment for beneficial adaptations which enables our elite runners to stay ahead of the curve.”

Barry Fudge
Dr Barry Fudge
Senior Physiologist at the English Institute of Sport Working with British Athletics