When Sporting Edge began in 2005 the mission objective was to engineer a way for sports people to achieve the benefits of altitude training without actually travelling to altitude. Sporting Edge has pioneered the leading technology for altitude training equipment, providing unrivalled levels of performance and usability for the end user.

In 2007 Sporting Edge extended the system design and capability to include full climate control so any environment on the planet could be replicated by incorporating temperature and humidity as well as altitude. This capability lead to Sporting Edge installing virtually all of the full environmental facilities used in the leading sport science universities in the UK, along with facilities used by military and sports clubs.

Sporting Edge have provided altitude training and environmental systems overseas to India, UAE, South Africa and as far as Australia. They are also the supplier of choice to the English Institute of Sport and many other altitude training providers working at elite levels.


Sporting Edge operates under exclusive licence to the earliest European patent on Hypoxic Air (EP0789546B1) for altitude systems.

A patent (GB2513371) was also awarded to Sporting Edge in 2015 for the development of the Cloud 9 Altitude Generator, for the innovative and unique design. The Cloud 9 represents the first real development in a decade for individual altitude training generators. The Cloud 9 makes it possible for rising star professionals and average sports people to reap the rewards of altitude training that were previously only available to elite athletes, for a sensible cost.

Sporting Edge continue to develop innovative, controllable and exceptional altitude training systems. There is an expanding future for the use of altitude training in sports, weight management and increasingly in medicine. The unique impact of altitude on the body creates performance and health possibilities that are only now beginning to be researched.


All design and manufacturing is undertaken in the UK with full service and support packages being an inherent part of our service. Sporting Edge engineer altitude training products to the highest standards, the reliability and robustness is designed into the product and installation throughout.