Altitude rooms (also known as an altitude gyms, altitude chambers or hypoxic chambers) are rooms that simulate altitude for exercise or research purposes.

Professional altitude training rooms by Sporting Edge provide ultimate levels of performance, safety and ease of use via a touch screen. Sporting Edge lead development of the best altitude systems to date and pride themselves with full in house design, build, installation and support services.


  • Altitudes up to 8,848m
  • Control accurately to +/-0.1% oxygen (+/- 40m)
  • Touch screen control with multiple password levels
  • Multi timer functions
  • Integrated control of temperature and humidity if required
  • Sensor pack featuring oxygen, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide
  • TV displays to show the current room conditions
  • Real-time graphing
  • Ultra-safe oxygen injection levels
  • Energy recovery possibilities for heating water systems


Standard0 to 3500m
Extreme0 to 5750m
Ultra Extreme0 to 8848m

  • Bath Rugby Altitude Rooms
  • Bath Rugby Club Case Study

    In 2012 Sporting Edge provided an altitude gym for Premiership team Bath Rugby Club at their beautiful facility in Somerset. The facility has space for six to eight players to train on cardio equipment and reaches altitudes up to 5,750m.