What are the benefits of having a facility for Altitude Training at School?

  • Increase fitness across all sports
  • Increased calorie burn at altitude
  • Pre Altitude sojourn acclimatisation
  • Attract Prominent sports clubs & individuals to train
  • Unique selling point to differentiate from other schools

  • Altitude Training at School
  • Altitude Training at School provides a novel point of differentiation from other schools by offering the ability to attract local professional sports teams and also elite athletes. On top of this the facility could be used to allow staff and pupils to acclimatise prior to a charity trek or skiing trip at altitude. With the aid of Sporting Edge altitude training programs, we can ensure the fitness levels of your sports teams are always at their optimum level.

A school or college altitude gym can also be used in a class scenario, to highlight the effects of altitude air (hypoxic) on the body and the reduction of an individual’s SPO2 during science, but also the effect during sports performance.
An altitude facility can be installed in a room, made from near standard building techniques at very little cost.