Train like the elite…


Sporting Edge design, supply and install bespoke VIP altitude gyms at personal facilities worldwide. Why not add an altitude gym feature to your prized home or facility to improve your training program with an essential training method. Reduce the amount of workout time required to burn those calories, increase your gains or remain fit when injured.

  • VIP Altitude Gym
  • Sporting Edge can design an altitude or full environmental gym to your required spec and install in a professional manner with the utmost respect to your home or facility. Altitude systems can incorporate climate control ranging from basic air conditioning through to a wide range of temperature and humidity to allow thermal stress or pre-acclimatisation. Whether it’s a gym design from scratch or adding an altitude feature to your current gym, the world leaders in simulated altitude training – Sporting Edge can provide you with the necessary expertise that is required.


It is widely known inside the professional sports world that sleeping at altitude can also return many interesting results, such as:

  • Accelerated weight loss
  • Cardio protective effects
  • Beneficial effect on Asthma sufferers
  • Improved insulin response for Diabetes sufferers

  • Altitude Bedroom
  • Altitude sleep training is a method employed by many of the world’s top track field and pool athletes to improve their red blood cell count and improve their power output and endurance.
    These benefits are now available for any person wishing to improve their health and fitness without making any changes to their lifestyle. Sporting Edge bedroom conversions transform your bedroom so that you can literally improve your health and fitness whilst you sleep – with adjustable ranges of altitude range up to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. Altitude bedroom conversions are often invisible, are completely safe and can be undertaken in almost any bedroom, with no restrictions on size. They also incorporate touch screen controllers with a range of automated control methods including timer functions.

  • Strakka Racing
  • Strakka Racing Case Study

    In 2015 Sporting Edge installed an amazing system for Strakka Racing near Silverstone. The system featured an altitude gym (5,750m max) with temperature and humidity control, alongside two altitude bedrooms. All three functions can be used at the same time for driver training. This system featured as an exciting part of a multi-million pound renovation of the property.