When you are doing everything else right and may have reached a performance plateau, Altitude Training will bring about a significant improvement to move you to the next level.

There are two main areas where Altitude Training can bring about real benefits:

  • Improving Performance
  • Retaining (or even improving) fitness when injured (Rehabilitation)

Altitude training is an incredible way to try and maximise your body’s capacity and efficiency. Either as a plateau buster, a training block to start a season firing on all cylinders or as an ongoing strategy to train smart and get the biggest bang for your buck, altitude training can fit into your plan and make a significant difference to your fitness and performance.

The performance areas scientifically proven to be improved by Altitude Training, and supported by huge amounts of anecdotal evidence, include:

  • Improving Performance
  • Retaining (or even improving) fitness when injured (Rehabilitation)
  • Sustained Higher Output Power
  • Improved Anaerobic Capacity
  • Beneficial Muscular Adaptations
  • Pre-acclimatisation Prior to Competing at Altitude
  • Altitude Training Graph
  • The example on the left is illustrative of the improvements readily achievable by Altitude Training. Illustration taken from a paper by Puype et al, 2013, Med Sci Sport Ex.