A good Environmental Chamber replicates different climates of the planet. A great Environmental Chamber replicates nearly any climate on the planet at the touch of a button, with precise and harmonious control of altitude, temperature and humidity. Sporting Edge produce the most advanced and sophisticated environmental chambers in the world.

Integrated control of altitude, temperature and humidity pose significant challenges in various aspects. Requirements of loading between individuals and large groups, ramp times, temperature ranges and building environment all play a large part in the design and control of any system. Sporting Edge have developed and pioneered bespoke equipment and unique control algorithms to cover all ranges of environmental control: all the user has to do is press ‘Go’ on the touch screen interface.


  • No dangerous Nitrogen used when creating an altitude environment
  • Altitude control accuracy to +/-0.1% Oxygen (+/- 40m altitude)
  • Altitude ranges up to 8,848m in three password protected ranges
  • Touch screen control with safety interlocks and on screen trending
  • Multi timer functions for automatic system start
  • Preset climates for quick launch
  • Integrated control of altitude, temperature and humidity when required
  • Monitor and trend graphs of oxygen, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide at all times
  • TV displays to show the current climate conditions wherever required
  • Energy recovery options available for heating water systems
  • Bespoke design, manufacture, installation and ongoing support from Sporting Edge, the global leaders
  • Warranty