Sporting Edge Now Providing 5 Year Warranty

Sporting Edge UK are proud to announce that they will now be providing five year warranties on all future altitude rooms and environmental system purchases.

In a first for the industry, Sporting Edge is pleased to announce a 5 year warranty on their Altitude Room Systems and Environmental Chambers. Their Managing Director, David Vincent, stated: “We have always been an engineering driven company striving for the best possible performance allied to exceptional safety and reliability. This extended warranty is our way of providing assurance to our customers that when they choose us as their training partner they will not only get unequalled performance on day one, they can also be confident that the performance will be retained in the long term and their systems will be on line when they need them”
This new warranty is available on all Sporting Edge Room systems and Environmental Chambers purchased on or after 1st December 2016.

For enquiries please call +44 (0)1256 844484 or contact

(Does not apply to Cloud 9 and LT systems. Warranty is conditional on the systems being appropriately serviced.)